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Ask Dr. Schwartz
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Why do You Think my Boyfriend Left Our Relationship in This Manner?

I have been in a serious and monogamous realationship with a man for 7 months. Despite a few fights here and there, we got along great! Our personal values were the same. We would spend all of our free time together always touching and never ran out of things to say. We wanted to marry next year after putting a year and a half into dating. We also spoke of having a child in 5 years. We lived in an area where there are no jobs and the average pay of a job, if you are lucky to get one, is minimum wage.

After losing a job he suddenly decided to move across the country to live with a good friend. I was upset. He told me that he was going to go there and find a job and since he was practically living rent free he would save money, get us a place, and then he would fly me out there. He told me that he would take care of everything so whenever i came out there I wouldn't have to stress-out trying to find a job and I could just take my time and be able to relax. He even took a blanket that I would sleep under just to remind him of me.

Always confessing his love, I thought that my boyfriend was a really sweet guy. After arriving in the new state I received a few loving and promising emails but it seemed he didn't really want to call. We set-up a foundation on how we could successfully maintain our relationship long distance. I told him that I thought we should speak twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and he agreed with that and threw out some times slots which we both agreed upon. The next day, when we were to start our call schedule, he didn't call, so I waited until the evening and still no call, so I called him.

During that call he was out and about seeing the new town and was very vague and seemed distant. He indicated that he didn't like how this whole long distance relationship was going to work because he missed me too much. He also indicated that he couldn't talk that much because he had a certain amount of minutes that he had to work with. That was totally understandable but I'm in his "circle" on his phone plan and he should always have free calls with me. I even think that he pulled the, "my battery is going dead," line to end the conversation and take it online with instant messaging.

I was beginning to see the picture at this point. So, this sweet man who adored me and wanted to seriously commit, changed within a matter of hours or days and became distant and non committed. He then broke up with me via Facebook 4 days after moving.

Why do you think he did this? What could cause such a quick change in someone? Thanks for your time.



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